About us

Run4u.online media found in 2020 write blog on different topic also work on worldwide news 
Produced by an editorial team known for its quality, innovation and integrity, Run4u.Online (English newspaper) and Hindustan (Hindi newspaper through a subsidiary indian Media Ventures Limited),Run4u.online is the choice for nearly 1k readers across India, who turn to it daily for news, information, analysis and entertainment. Run4u.online, the group’s Hindi daily, continues to be the second-largest daily in the country with a total readership of 1k. Both dailies enjoy a strong brand recognition among readers as well as a advertisers.
A weekly newspaper targeted at the rural population It contents Panchayat-oriented and news, information and issue-empowerment of Panchayat people, monitoring and analysis of their development work,information on government schemes, incorporation of better Panchayat members, etc.
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