Chhat puja

Chhat Puja

Chhat Puja

Chhat puja
devotee stand in the gangajii

Chhath Puja is a hindu vedic festival dedicated to solar diety surya and shashti devi( Chhati Maiya) and celebrate with entire family and this festival celebrate various state such as Bihar, Jharkhand, up and nepal people are very excited for this festival because this is not only festival this is mahaparv and all family member celebrate this festival together and now this time people are celebrate this festival with very term and conditon because of covid-19 and this time government allowance special term and conditon like social distancing wear mask etc.

And this festival celebrate at ganga ji at the urban area and at the rural area celebrate at river or pokhar.

This chhat puja celebrate countinue 4 days:-

1st day:- Known as ‘naha khaye’ means amid this day who take chhat puja (Devotee) first they take bath after that eat anything at the Evenning make rice and pumpkin’s vegetable and surve this as prasad but this prasad first eat devotee after that eat anyone.

2nd day:- known as kharna in this make kheer (combination of milk and Rice) and serve as prasad but first eat devotee after that eat anyone.

3rd day:- Known as first ARAG It’s Important Day for Us Because in this day whole family go together to Gangajii for puja (Aradh to solar) at Evening.

4th day:- known as second ARAG also In this day with the all family go to the gangajii at the early morning.

Chhat puja’s thekua

I am glad to share you one thing related to this festival in this festival its very important to make food known as THEKUA as you see to below pic

chhat puja

All indian are eagerly waiting for this festival and celebrate with very caring and joyful.

Ritual of chhat puja:-

Arrange all the items before the chhath puja and offer and arghya to sun god:-

Basket, Soop made of bamboo, glass or lota ,Milk and Water and many type of fruits as prasad like coconut, banana, apple, grappes, sweet potato, suthani,etc.

Ritual of Araghya sun god:-

Place the above Chhath puja samagri in the bamboo basket. Put the whole prasad in soop and burn the lamp in the soop. Then, all the women stand in knee deep water with traditional soop in their hands to offer an arghya to the sun as you see below pic

Araghya to sun god

Type of Chhath puja

  • Chaitra Chhath – Distinctly known as “Chaiti Chhath”, this is observed in the Chaitra month of Vikram Samvat.
  • Kartik Chhath – Popularly called “Chhath”, this is celebrated at very large scale in the Kartika month of Vikram Samvat.

know what the date of this chhath puja

18 nov:-first Day of chhath puja

19 nov;- Second Day of Chhath Puja

20 Nov:-Third Day of Chhath Puja

21:-Fourth Day of Chhath Puja

After Puja done prasad will be distributed entire family… Really if you are not indian and if you want to celebrate please come and celebrate this festival trust me its really next level feeling.

If you want to know more about this festival please comment I’m waiting..!

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