History of coffee

History of coffee

Intro of coffee

History of coffee here we know so let’s start..,

history of coffee
coffee with beans

The Coffee word has no need to introduce because everybody know what is coffee, what’s the color of coffee even in this time if any guest came to home suddenly we asked them for tea or coffee, they ignore the word tea and first preferred coffee . Now let’s focus on the Coffee word, it’s sounds like european or west side but it’s not true. Coffee first found at Yemen State of Saudi Arabia then reached to Makka Madina. When it reached to Makka Madina after some months coffee became very famous. It’s popularity was as much as the people started avoiding to went Masjid means they thinks “I will not do Namaz for five time but I will take coffee”. Although those time coffee are not reachable for all the people, only to few people like intellectual, sadhu & pandit. Apart from that intellectual people if they take coffee there is a provision of punishment, that’s why intellectual people was got crazy about coffee and they are spending lot of time at coffee shop , that’s why government got trouble about it and announce a big decision said from today if any body drink coffee they have to suffer from punishment of death but after some time slowly the people opposed it. After few year this restriction has finished means intellectual people fights only for coffee such a interesting history of coffee.

How coffee came in india

journey of coffee
history of coffee

Once upon a time when every body was interested in going to Makka Madina for HAJ, In that time a Indian sufi sant also went to Makka Madina for haj , His name is Baba Budan, he was a very brilliant and clever man when Baba Budan reached to Makka Madina he saw that they were drinking a very special drink twice a day (morning & evening) then he thought let’s taste this drink when he took coffee he become a fan of coffee and he started thinking how to carry this from here. He wants that this drink also should be available in India but how, because that time you can’t carry coffee bean and coffee should not goes out from arab country. We know very well that the Baba Budan was very intellectual people and brilliant and it’s happen, the first time smuggling was happens and the thing was coffee beans but how behind this smuggling there are two different stories are hidden . The first one is – Some people talks Baba Budan steal coffee beans into his beard because Baba Budan has very long beard so may be it’s has true and the Second one is Baba Budan steal coffee beans at waist band.

where was the indian 1st coffee garden established

history of coffee
journey of coffee

After Baba Budan steal coffee beans he reached to chikmagalur state of Rajasthan . In this time this place is also known as the land of coffee from this place the coffee has been started for distribution to all of the country. That’s why the south states are on first, for the farming of coffee beans and consuming specially in Karnataka than also started farming in Andra Pradesh, Keral, Tamil Nadu and slowly slowly spread among all India. After few year whole world export coffee beans from India british also encourage from coffee that’s why they started to came for farming coffee bean.

Type of coffee

history of coffee

There are not many type of coffee but in 19th century East Indian started for making coffee with milk and honey this receipe accepted all countries and after some years India become 10th largest country in the production of coffee. In 2014 – 2015 India 3.27 matric tons consumed coffee.

In India there is two types of coffee beans grow first is a URBICA and second one is RABISTA , This are the types of coffee beans which is produced in India ,71% of the producition are produced only in Karnataka.

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