How to live the life village people in bihar1.

Lifestyle of village people

Lifestyle of village people

How to live the life village people in bihar here we know not only in bihar even many type of state and you know this type of people have big heart, I mean when you meet them he gives you too much respect it’s not matter who you are where have you come and you are elder or smaller,

they are choosing there life like very simple very casual and they expend their life more with anmial such as buffalo,cow,goat etc. even they are not feel its animal they treat with animal like family they are everytime care about that how they is it there stomach if fill to food or they are hungry and its very good,

How to live the life village people
colorful cow

you can see into the above pic cow is relaxing after feeding and that place specially for a cow and cow feels like sitting in personal room they feel very comfortable if you think why cow trapped with the rope if you are indian you know very well why its happen but if you are not from indian so for your information this rope is for safety as well as for help their find a way to eat perfect straw sometimes if peoople give them freedom then cow eat anythinng after that suffering from many problem thats why he trapped with rope.

How to live the life village people
Group of buffalo

see this is buffalo and you know well buffalo’s color is mostly black if you ever visit village you see lots of buffalos and cows as well as goats they look all are preety and feel energetic and you all are know one important thing they animals eat straw but gives milk its very important lession for us because we all are know about snack they drink milk but gives poision very important lession for us and this thing teach us how many important cow and buffalo into our life really this animal deserve huge respect and this respect got at village sometime village look like heaven specially in rainy season.

How to live the life village people
little plant

how to live the life village people

How to live the life village people

and above pic capture at evenning after rain you know as you see lots of water actually its a river and this river look fabulous and if you seat edge of this river feel all pain,frustate,problem like all negative things will automatic gone means i dont have a word to describe this feeling such a great feeling.

How to live the life village people

this is a very interesting game for kids in this game have four square as you see before playing this game you must have square stone and this stone throw into the one sqaure as you see and then touch that stone with one leg one leg should be in the air and one is in down then push with one leg that stone and after that stone should be out of circle if after push stone will be present under the circle you loose and after if stone has out of circle then jump from there with one leg on that stone and continue the same upto 3 times because i have four sqaure.

children doing fun

in this village children very much active all time playing different-different games and doing lots of fun this children is all time keep very happy and doing all time laugh as you see there are five children in this frame and all children keep smiling and they look feet because village’s air very pure no any dust no pollution no noise and if you spend too much time in the village you also feel healthy and fresh .

i know this picture is look little akward but in this picture you show children,s pure heart there loyality and all are photogenic they eat each other kurkure with the fun and lots of enjoy and i hope you little know about how to live the life village people believe me village is heaven still and i strongly recommend for all of you please expend your time in village when you feel free there are lots of hide history i know this time we all are busy in our daily routine but i repeat i strongly recommend please dont miss this beautiful place.

thank you please comment out how you feel after reading this article.

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