Situation of patna city in rainy season

situation of patna in rainy season

situation of patna in rainy season

Situation of patna city in rainy season as you all are know patna is a district of bihar if you don’t visit ever patna city please visit soon. because in the city you got many type of facilities many type of people live here many type of food you found here even specially street food you mostly like it because many type of food, vegetables, dry fruit etc you got here but today i will share another thing about patna city so i would like to share situation of patna city in rainy season so when heavy rain happen in patna city then some places will be become reservoir.

Above is a small video clip its shoot when heavy rain happen so as you see water is store side of the road its not shameful because situation is depend on you. you enjoyed it or you hate it after you face it this situation but we all are waiting for rainy season specially farmer and who don’t live hilly area because there know important of rain and they are eagerly waiting for rainy season.

Situation of patna city in rainy season

see look like road is a become small river but its not after half an hour all water is gone automatically so if you come at in the rainy season probably you are in this situation so no need to panic only wait and one more thing in this type of situation don’t forget to take tea you easily found stall of tea at every 100km so take a tea in this situation and have fun.

Situation of patna city in rainy season Before rain

Here the lovely seen over the bridge before start raining, if you love the ride you can feel this moment, it’s feel like a going to heaven i mean to say life become beautiful so we would like to enjoy every moment of life because time will never come back ever and also this type of moment.

come to patna

So I requesting to who not enjoy the patna city please come and enjoy every moment of life specially one dish known as litti chokha you know this dish is very famous in patna not only patna all over bihar becuase litty chokha is a harmful for for anybody because its made from whole wheat and whole wheat is a good for health.

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