What is paytm mini app store in 2020.

Paytm banned

Paytm banned

What is paytm mini app store sound like eagerly but after know about paytm mni app store we need to know first about google and indian app. So here we know what was cotroversy why google and apple charge 30% commission how many charge commission their competeitor what’s their advantage and disadvantage then we will discuss on what is paytm mini app store as well as what’s their advantage and disadvantage and at the end we will also discuss on possible solution which is if did impliment properly then our indian startup will grow fastly.


paytm mini app store

Sep 18 google banned paytm because google said paytm, not following my term and condition and it’s work against my gambling poilicy but this doesn’t mean you De-monitise my paytm wallet money.

yes its a different thing that chinese company have been invested in the paytm but good news is a after few hour paytm back and after few days paytm game also will come back.


But paytm said we are simply run cashback like google pay so this is not fare even i followed all term and condition of goole but without any information Google come with new term and conditon and banned to others means google is a judge, jury and also executioner means paytm is a very upset for this kind of behaviour and also said google have too much control so they did as they want and after all term and condition paytm said a funny quotes like “this is not a Aatmnirbhar bharat this is a Google nirbhar bharat” So few startup support to paytm but another app said we will manage.

Then Google send notification to ZOMATO and SWIGGY, yes chinese investor also there but google said zomato and swiggy also work against my gambling policy So zomato and swiggy thought now i have to start my project at full force that’s why i will follow all term and condition of google and i will take back all of my offer, as well as another said ok will manage there is not another option.

Google charge 30% commission.

Google issue new policy which is mention will charge 30% commission on in app transaction, and all transaction should be done from google platform means whatever you have and that thing if you sell on that app you should give 30% commission to google

But if you are sell physical goods such as E-Commerce, Food delievery, online payment, Ticket services and Transport services you should not give commission to google but But don’t forget google take 30% commission as a fees on another app so all founder are shocked after getting this new update and said google is not supporting us so many founder decided to discuss on this new guideline and also inform to governer about this new guideline and suggest to government you should come with a unique platform like google play store but this thing take too much time.

after all this paytm said i understand this is a business but this is not fare and after some day paytm launch mini app store.

Why google and apple charge 30% commission?

Both are said we have provided distribution means if we were not how people use your app and how to purchase your item and also take care about security because if you download any random app if that app have viruses so your mob will not work properly and at end consumer will also irritate so that’s why we work on security check beside apart from that i also work on app analytics, Recommendation tools and many more users will use app and at the end i invest at ECO SYSTEM and launch newly innovation and share interlectual properties with the developers and allow to use his custom chips, camera and operating system.

Why actual charge 30% for in app transaction?

Simply google said as people started so just i follow him and i already charge 30% to I TUNE and if you see our compteitor he also take 30% like amazon play store, samsung galaxy store, microsoft store, and apple app store as well as video game digital marketplace cahrge 30% such as Xbox, playstation,Nintendo, Steam, EPic game but EPic game charge only 12% that’s why apple remove Fortnite and who provide E-Book, Audio Book, VIdeo, Podcast They take 40-60% commission do you know about you tube they take 45% of the AD Revenue but no-one talk anout it.

What is disadvantage of 30% commission for in app transaction?

Google owns both the operating system and the app store.

  1. Do you know google play store is not a unique it’s simple search engine for app but google index of all sites but why so many discrimination for the app.
  2. Google warn users when they download apps from third party sources so google allow to download app from another sources but when you going to download form another sources then display warnning look like inintereted source but why this warnning give by google i thought here should one services who really check when i download app and then give notification this is a good or bad like SSL CERTIFICATE.
  3. 30% commission is too much it means you have to give 30% and you know mostly people use social site for promote own product through google AD SENSE and google almost charge 20% of your budget means arround 50% of the total revenue going to google
  4. There is no guarantee for increase taxes or add more taxes in the future.
  5. National interest problem so as you know this time going to fight between china and USA so Google not give access to huawei from android operating system and google play store, that’s why huawei has to destroyed ifn in the future start to fight between INDIA ans USA then what indian company will do and google know all the data and information about company and can’t be banned to google so it’s very necessary to a launch indian app store company.
  6. then after all controversy paytm launch”paytm mini apps

What is paytm mini app store?

This is a progressive web apps not a play store which is not available in the phone you have should access from going to paytm app.

Advantage of paytm mini app store.

Monthly 150 million users of paytm which is one of the highest in the india so you have to get access of all users and you should not give to any fees is you did any transaction with the paytm app and easily integrated your mobile in paytm mini app store and also paytm give access to analytics which is clear payment very easily as well as display option like search, share etc.

and this service already launch some app like 1mg, ola, domino’s, oven story, mojo, MCdelievery etc, and also available on phone pay this similar thing known as phonepe switch thus it’s not launch new or unique innovation it’s already used.

Disadvantage of paytm mini app store?

1.You must have paytm app to use this services so as we know for use this services must have paytm app that’s why paytm’s user increase and we don’t able to download any app so as i don’t have to my personal users actually that users of paytm apart from that as all facility are available in the app but that facility not available in it if you come in paytm mini app store then you have to intergated of paytm’s payment gteway.

2.No guarantee of free services in future- because when paytm mini app store expend then also look forward to security so its necesaary to charge when they start to charge then why choose you why not google becuase you also charge commission as google by the way its wonderful start i hope its going to upper level.

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